Info you need to know before getting a Koi Tattoo

We suggest that before coming to a decision to get a koi tattoo, take time to learn what a koi tattoo is. Koi fish is an ancient and worldly patience and courage species. Its tendency to live a long life is respected, so koi tattoo will require a lot out of you as koi fish. Nowadays, getting a koi tattoo is a trend.

Ancient tales have shaped the mythical representation of koi fish. koi is often admired for its survival and patience. Koi represents advancement, determination and courage. In addition, it indicates luck in business and, it also represents love and friendship.

Koi colors can have various meanings.

Gold Koi fish represents prosperity and it is a very popular colour for Koi tattoos,

Blue Koi fish represents peace.

Red Koi fish represents love & Friendship

Black Koi fish is used to represent the hardship struggle to succeed.

After you make the decision to get a koi tattoo, do not forget to choose an artist who has style, creativeness fit your vision.


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