A message to upcoming tattoo artists and few established

I see the ideas and true nature of the art fading out and turning into something else. The tattoo industry has become just that, an industry of profit not art.

The true ideals of the artistry are fading away as the true tattoo artist becomes a dying breed giving into the next generation. My belief is that tattooing is the last true form of art left in the world.

People no longer work to be professional painters unless they are painting a house. There are no more great poets, or play writes that walk among us. Now the last true form of self expression is turning into a drive through industry which is based on everyone thinking that being a tattoo artist makes you the same ranks as a rock star.

I have happily written this blog to share with you opinions and facts I have learned over the time in my short journey till now

I can only hope that the next generation of tattoo professionals treats this industry with the strength and integrity that it deserves. Through proper dedication and sacrifice you will find a joy that cannot be explained by a profession of any other type.

You must understand that becoming a true tattoo artist requires all of you; your whole way of life has to be discipline and addiction to what you want to become. There are no part time tattoo artists; you do not stop being a tattoo artist when you go home at night. Your artistry and the quality of who you are as an artist is judged by three things your dedication, your personality, and your technical knowledge of the lifestyle you lead.

I hope it will bring you the happiness and peace doing a great art and keeping emotion alive

 The last true form of art is left in your hands, Keep it alive.


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