Get Inked Tattoo Studio in delhi:

If you are looking for a good tattoo studio in Delhi, then Get Inked Tattoo studio is perfect place to go and simply awesome. This is one of the high rated tattoo studio in Delhi which provides various services like permanent or temporary tattoos, cover ups, colored tattoos, black & white and many more.

Timings- 12:00PM- 9:00PM

Ratings- 5.0

Reviews- People are loving the work done by tattoo artist Sarab. Great first time experience and looking forward for next time to #getinked!

Tribal Ink Tattoos in delhi :

Precision and trust is required before getting inked, then in that case Tribal Ink is the name. Tribal Ink tattoo studio is owned and operated by Pulkit Arora. It’s a tattoo shop which is clean, professional and friendly. Tribal Ink believes in ‘Every tattoo has a story, let’s create yours together’. No wonder Tribal ink stands outstanding in case of safety, best artists, latest & best designs and customer Satisfaction.

Timings- 9:00AM- 9:00PM

Ratings- 5.0

Reviews- A Place with creative minds and good quality tattoo. Highly recommended by the previous visitors.

Permanent Tattoo Buzz in delhi:

Permanent tattoo studio is the place where you can find best and trustworthy tattoo artists like Deepak Kalra who is born with art in veins. Permanent tattoo studio provides services like customized tattoo designs, cover up tattoos, religious tattoos, angel & devil tattoos, traditional tattoos, religious tattoos, Zodiac tattoos and the list is endless. They believes ‘art is beyond the ordinary to extraordinary’. 

Timings- 11:30AM- 7:30PM

Ratings- 4.9

Reviews- Amazing first time experience for recent visitors. One of the hygienic and safe tattoo studio.

Carapace Tattoo & Piercing in delhi:

This is the place if you are getting inked for first time, either you can walk directly or if you take an appointment it would be great. Team of tattoo artists in Carapace have Manas Naskar, Aditya Vinod Jain, Dibyendu saha, Aveek Mukherjee and Krishnendu Biswas. Carapace tattoo studio takes inspiration from ‘turtle’, which has ‘never-say-die attitude’. They have high creative designs, extra clean and reasonable prices. They also provides 5% off on Monday’s. Hope you have a great time there.

Timings- Open 24 hours (as mentioned on Google)

Ratings- 5.0

Reviews- One of the best tattoo studio in NCR region for first tattoo and hygienic as well.

Madd Dogg Tattoos in delhi:

Shankey Kapil is the founder of Madd dogg tattoos, who has experience of atleast 6 years. As soon as he discovered his passion for body art, he moved to London for practice and finally opened his own studio in Delhi on January 2017. He works according to the need of his clients and also provides customized designs.

Timings- 11:30AM- 8:30PM

Ratings- 5.0

Reviews- Getting inked by Shankey is a worthwhile experience which is safe and with less pain.

Angel Tattoo Design Studio in delhi:

Angel Tattoo design studio was founded in the year 2008. It’s a government approved studio which provides safety and also takes care of hygiene. Angel tattoo design studio provides services like permanent body tattoo, temporary (airbrushed or freehand tattoo), body piercing, tattoo training, etc.

Timings- 10:30AM- 7:00PM

Ratings- 4.9

Reviews- Skilled and experienced tattoo artists who provides fabulous services and also give attention to small customer details.

Art N Skin Tattoos in delhi:

Personal attention given by tattoo artist and founder Param who has experience of atleast 7 years. Art N Skin tattoos is a place where tattoos are done by sterilized needles, safe and clean. Art N Skin provides services like cover up tattoos, portrait tattoos, restoration tattoos, black & grey tattoos and many more. 

Timings- 9:30AM- 10:30PM

Ratings- 4.8

Reviews- People are loving the designs and art work done by tattoo artist Mr. Param. He gives his personal attention and touch to each and every customer.

Devilz Tattooz in delhi:

It is one of the biggest chain of tattoo making business which was started in the year 2003 by Lokesh Verma. Devilz tattooz is also rated as best tattoo studio in NCR region by GQ magazine. Take good care of safety and hygiene of customers and prices are according to sizes which are reasonable. Most of the clients are celebs and renown people.

Timings- 11:30AM- 8:00PM

Ratings- 4.8

Reviews- Helpful and experienced tattoo artist with hospitable staff and hygienic place.

Tattoo Villa in delhi:

Tattoo Villa is a potential tattoo studio which is working towards the development of tattoo art in India. Tattoo Villa believes that a client and tattoo artist should take sufficient amount of time before freezing a design since permanent tattoos are for lifetime. Tattoo Villa artists have at least 6 years of experience which is great for safe and customized tattoo making.

Timings- 11:00AM- 8:00PM

Ratings- 4.9

Reviews- Visitors who had their first tattoo experienced less pain. Clients also appreciated work of tattoo artist Harry.

Tattoo World in delhi:

Tattoo World tattoo studio was started back in year 2008. It has experienced tattoo artist who provides services like permanent tattoos, cover up tattoos, 3D tattoos, Tribal tattoos, Portrait tattoo, etc.  

Timings- 11:00AM- 7:30PM

Ratings- 4.9

Reviews- Visitors had wonderful experience of tattoo making and also loved the studio ambience and hospitality of staff.

N.A. Tattoo Studio in delhi:

 N.A. Tattoo studio is owned by Mr. Abhishek Ahuja, accompanied by tattoo artist Megha Ahuja. Abhishek has experience of almost 7 years in field of tattooing mainly known for their customized designs and clean work.

 Rating- 4.1

Reviews- Amazing tattoo studio with hygienic services and amazing tattoo artist. Visitors loved the work done by tattoo artist Abhishek.

 KDz Tattoo Studio in delhi:

 KDz tattoo studio also has branch in Haryana and is the best tattoo studio in Delhi & Haryana. Mr. KD is the founder of these series, he also holds good experience of tattooing. KDz tattoo artists try their best to bring impeccable smile on their customer’s face by their work.

Timing- 12:00PM- 8:30PM

Rating- 4.7

Reviews- This tattoo studio is perfect combination of talented and professional tattoo artist along with hygienic work and reasonable prices.

 Manjeet Tattooz Studio in delhi:

 If in case you are looking for best portrait tattoo then Manjeet Tattooz is the best place to get it, Manjeet Sing is the tattoo artist who is awarded as best portrait tattoo artist in India and he is also in the list of top 100 tattoo artist in world. You just think about it and he will ink for you.

 Timing- 11:00AM- 9:00PM

Rating- 4.7

Reviews- Amazing tattoo studio with one of the best tattoo artists, supporting staff, clean and safe work.