3 Cube Tattoo Studio in kolkata

This is one of the high rated tattoo studio in Kolkata. If you are looking forward for your first tattoo then, 3 Cube Tattoo is the place. 3 Cube tattoo provides services like colorful, black & white, customized and cover up tattoos. They uses computer aided services to virtually place tattoo design on the body part. They also supply aftercare product and take good care of health and hygiene.

Timing- 11:00AM- 11:00PM

Rating- 4.9

Review- Relaxing ambience, experienced tattoo artist which results in fantastic tattooing experience.

Lizard’s Skin Tattoo Studio in kolkata

Lizard Tattoo studio was set up in the year 2010 and reason behind this name depends many philosophies. It was set up by Niloy Das who is the senior tattoo artist of this studio and has global experience of tattooing. The other tattoo artists are Punam Barua Das, Dipjyoti Paul, Prithwiraj Acharya, Shiva Sapkota and Raghu. They all believe in Pure art and Hygiene.

Timing- 11:00AM- 9:00PM

Rating- 4.8

Review- Perfect place to get your first tattoo experience by best tattoo artist in the city.

Ink’dom Tattoo Studio in kolkata

Ink’dom is somewhat reasonable and high rated tattoo studio in Kolkata. Founded by Sukanya Roy. They provide various services like cover up tattoos, customized tattoos, black & grey tattoos, etc. Sukanya believes in providing unique art along with hygiene which is supported by other artists as well. If you are looking for some fine Black or colored tattoo art then this will be the right choice.

Timing- 11:00AM- 9:00PM

Rating- 4.9

Review- Small and cozy place but you will definitely get the positive vibes during your tattooing session.

 Thunder World Tattoo Studio in kolkata

 Tattoos are kind of body ornament, so before getting inked one need to look for perfect tattoo studio, Thunder World tattoo studio is the place for you. Thunder World tattoo studio was set up by Santanu Chatterjee. He is one of the best tattoo artist which provides services like dotwork, portrait, colored, cover up, etc. They believe ‘quality is their brand’, therefore fashion and art is not only the focus but hygiene as well.

Timing- 10:00AM- 9:00PM

Rating- 5.0

Review- People loved the work done by tattoo artists there.

 Carapace Tattoo & Piercing in Kolkata

Since tattoo defines human being, their success or fear, therefore a fine tattoo artist is required to give that definition. Carapace tattoo studio is the place which has artistically rich tattoo artist. Carapace tattoo studio takes inspiration from turtles and their never-say-die attitude. Carapace tattoo studio was setup by Krishnendu Biswas in the year 2013, supported by other tattoo artists like Aveek Mukherjee, Dibyendu Shah and Aditya Vinod Jain.

Timing- 11:30AM- 9:00PM

Rating- 4.8

Review- Place is hygienic and the rates are also reasonable, perfect place to get inked whenever you feel like.

 Inkubet tattoo Studio in kolkata

Inkubet tattoo studio is one of the best and high rated tattoo studio. Main attraction of this tattoo studio is its ambience and office set up. They provides several services like colored tattoos, permanent tattoos, black & grey tattoos, cover up tattoos, portrait tattoos and etc. They also have major concern for hygiene and safety, therefore uses safe and unused needles and other customized tattoo products.

Timing- 11:00AM- 9:00PM

Rating- 5.0

Review- Creativity defines this place, with safe art work and hygiene.

Forever Poetry tattoo shop in kolkata

Forever tattoo studio was set up by Anirban Roy Choudhury in the year 2016, he also has experience of five years in tattoo industry. Forever Poetry uses standardize products, safe needles and take care of hygiene and provides services like cover up tattoos, black or color, etc. Anirban specializes in amalgamation of contemporary art.

Timing- 11:00AM- 11:00PM

Rating- 5.0

Review- If you are getting your first tattoo, you can’t imagine about any other place. High maintenance and finely hygienic.

 The Guiding Monk Tattoo Studio in kolkata

 The Guiding Monk was set up in the year 2017 by Debanjali Das, she is in the field of tattooing from the year 2013. Debanjali is one of the best female tattoo artist in Kolkata. The Guiding Monk tattoo studio believes that ‘Art is what we are obsessed with’ and they will make you believe it by their work.

Timing- 12:00PM- 8:00PM

Rating- 5.0

Review- A must place to visit for tattoo lovers, give artistic freedom to the artist and you will definitely love the work.

 The Ink Way Tattoo in kolkata

 The Ink Way tattoo studio is the place where your dream of getting inked will come true with all safety and pure art. The tattoo artists uses sterilized products as well as do spore testing by challenging autoclave. The Ink way Tattoo studio has team of fine tattoo artists who provides services like colored, black & grey, cover up tattoos and etc.                  

Timing- 11:00AM- 10:00PM

Rating- 4.5

Review- As tattoos are permanent and carry some meaning to it, then The Ink Way Tattoo studio is the perfect place to get it done.

Unik Ink Tattoo Studio in kolkata

Unik Ink tattoo studio artists aiming to provide best tattoo art along with safety and hygiene. Anjan is the most appreciated tattoo artist here. They provide services like permanent & temporary tattoos, cover up tattoos, colored & black tattoos, customized and etc.

Timing- 11:00AM- 9:00PM

Rating- 4.8

Review- People loved the work done by tattoo artist here as it is safe and hygienic, creative as well.